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The new me!

I always told myself that if I ever get over 200 lbs I would finally do something about it.  Well that time has come.  After last years vacation I was looking at my vacation photos and I decided I had to do something drastic.  See for yourself.  Here I was enjoying a wonderful walk through a garden in Ann Arbor MI just loving my day and then I have to look at the dreaded photos.

Yeh, I looked – but it still didn’t sink in till I watched the show on OWN TV last summer that Oprah had on about eating addiction.  All these woman went to a clinic in NC to help them overcome their eating addition and boy did that hit home.  By September I was ready to do something.  Even after all the years I collected exercise videos, diet books and cook books and watched Oprah and Dr Phil and Dr Oz and I knew my health was not good – I still did nothing.  Then I watched an episode of Dr Oz and he was talking about Transformation Nation and I could win 1 million dollars to join and all I had to do was get weighed in at any Weight Watchers and follow him through this journey on the computer.  I knew this was the way I was going to go.  Lose weight and win the money.  Well October 2, 2011 I went and weighted in.  I was 207.9lbs.  After talking to the Weight Watchers lady there I was curious about the program.  I had heard about Weight Watchers all my life.  My Mother had joined and my best friend from high school joined and she was doing wonderful.  I thought why not.  I have never taken time for myself and I needed and really wanted to beat this last addiction I have.

I decided there and then I was going to lose 55 lbs  by my 55th birthday, August 15th.  So I signed up!  Picked Monday nights to be my meeting night so I couldn’t cheat over the weekend and that really holds me accountable for my weight loss.  I have to pay to lose weight, plus I have to weigh in every week…that really keeps me on track.  I know it is hard to believe that it works but it does.  They teach you how to eat in the most direct and simple way there is.  It is like an ah hah moment and why didn’t I think of that.

It has been 25 weeks since I joined and I have lost 32lbs.  I eat right and exercise everyday.  I leave for work 1/2 early go to the mall and walk.  I progressed to 60 knee lifts, 50 squats, 50 push-ups (that is against the wall haven’t worked up to the real ones yet) along with my stretch band I do it all, even my stomach presses on the benches in the mall.  You see I’m not the only one.  There are many people at the mall hoping for the same thing I am doing.  We greet each other with a warm smile and a strong “Good Morning!”  I am so proud of the fact that I have over come my food addiction.  As August gets closer I know I am ready to turn 55 and I know this year will be amazing and I can’t wait.  Bring it on!

During one of my meeting at Weight Watchers our leader suggested getting something that would be an inspiration to me and help me focus on my weight loss.  Anyone that knows me knows that I hate clothes shopping.  I usually find one good top and then go buy it in all the colors available. 

When you grow up with 2 petite sisters, one older and one younger and I was always the biggest it is hard to shop for clothes.  Well that day I went shopping I found a cute little black and white sweater dress that I just loved.  Didn’t try it on and bought it anyways.  I was already down 1 size and I bought some new pants also that day and the dress was a super bargain.  So drum roll please…here is my first new little black dress with my new weight:

I wore it to work yesterday and everyone commented on how great I look.  I haven’t worn a dress or nylons in years to work and I loved it and it felt good!  I can’t wait to lose the other 23lbs for my 55lb loss.  Weight Watchers goes by the height chart so I should weight 131-146 so if I get down to the 146 I still have 31 more lbs to lose.  I think I will go for it. 

One more picture cause I have to show off my new china cabinet and china I just got, plus my new weight.  Maybe I can have enough nerve to get some clothes with lots of color now!  LOL

Here I come 55 can’t wait! See ya all very soon!

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You won’t believe this!!!

Last October I decided to trim these 2 Lilac bushes.   The first one I wacked all the way down and the other one I trimmed all the shoots off the bottom branches to make into a tree.  It looks so much better all cleaned up.  Well then I decided to keep some of the branches to spray paint for my winter interest in my pots around the house.  So I just put some branches in the shed and in late November I took them out and spray painted some silver and some red to randomly stick them into all my pots around the house to start decorating for the winter season.  I don’t call it Christmas decorating just in case I don’t get far with the decorating of the outside of the house so I call it winter interest or season.  Which works out for me this year cause I never did get any Christmas lights up.

 Well lo and behold I decided to check out my pots last week and see how I could clean them up.  Even though it is warm outside it is way to early to spring plant and I noticed that most of my lilac sticks were budding out and one set of sticks not only had buds but also had lilacs on them.  Can you believe that!!! 

 here is the one that already bloomed too! 

 I just can’t believe it is that easy to do.  Now I have to find a place to plant all these new Lilac bushes that will look dumpy for a while, but as an avid gardener that I am, you know I can’t throw anything away. I don’t even thin out my transplanted seeds I pull each one out and replant.  This excited me to know end.  Well on to finding them a place to rest and grow.  I have a little time for that since it isn’t ready to clean out my pots yet, but I do need to transplant all 389 various plant plugs I bought Saturday.  Do you know that I make my own pots out of newspaper!  Oh yeh I am the obsessed gardener!  Have a great beginning of your Spring, mine is off to a great start!