You won’t believe this!!!

Last October I decided to trim these 2 Lilac bushes.   The first one I wacked all the way down and the other one I trimmed all the shoots off the bottom branches to make into a tree.  It looks so much better all cleaned up.  Well then I decided to keep some of the branches to spray paint for my winter interest in my pots around the house.  So I just put some branches in the shed and in late November I took them out and spray painted some silver and some red to randomly stick them into all my pots around the house to start decorating for the winter season.  I don’t call it Christmas decorating just in case I don’t get far with the decorating of the outside of the house so I call it winter interest or season.  Which works out for me this year cause I never did get any Christmas lights up.

 Well lo and behold I decided to check out my pots last week and see how I could clean them up.  Even though it is warm outside it is way to early to spring plant and I noticed that most of my lilac sticks were budding out and one set of sticks not only had buds but also had lilacs on them.  Can you believe that!!! 

 here is the one that already bloomed too! 

 I just can’t believe it is that easy to do.  Now I have to find a place to plant all these new Lilac bushes that will look dumpy for a while, but as an avid gardener that I am, you know I can’t throw anything away. I don’t even thin out my transplanted seeds I pull each one out and replant.  This excited me to know end.  Well on to finding them a place to rest and grow.  I have a little time for that since it isn’t ready to clean out my pots yet, but I do need to transplant all 389 various plant plugs I bought Saturday.  Do you know that I make my own pots out of newspaper!  Oh yeh I am the obsessed gardener!  Have a great beginning of your Spring, mine is off to a great start!