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It’s Time! Reveal Time that is!

Last October I decided I needed to lose weight and joined Weight Watchers.  My goal was to lose 55 lbs  before I turned 55.  Well that time has come and gone.  I almost achieved that goal.  I actually lost 47 lbs, but I’m still very very proud of that loss.  I worked hard, but maybe I could have worked harder, but they say if you don’t reward yourself sometimes the weight you lose for is a life change not just a diet.  So  you need to reward yourself from time to time to achieve your goal!  So I exercise and ate right – all fruits and veggies all the power foods.  I’m not giving up…I’m going all the way.  I’m hitting the chart of what I should weight for my height.  I have 22 more lbs to lose.

There were times in my life that my weight gain had bothered me.  Even though I am a working woman and out in the public all day long it didn’t bother me (all the time that is).  As each year passed by and  I was gaining more weight I kept telling myself that I was maintaining and was getting older and was getting the secretary spread (cause I sit all day long at a desk) that I was fine with it and it didn’t bother me UNTIL I had special events in my life and I had to dress up for.

Also, last spring it happened.  I couldn’t get up as easily after bending down weeding.  Gardening was getting harder and harder for me.  One day as the phone was ringing I tried to run to get it.  I couldn’t run!  OMG these 2 events alone scared the hell out of me.  No gardening and couldn’t run.  I knew this was a sign that I needed to do something big time and really quick.

So I thought I would document 4 events in my life and compare that look to the 4 new looks I have going on right now. Of course I have tons of photos that I hate and would scare you to death if I showed you, so I narrowed it down to just 4 life events.  I won’t show you any of my skinny photos from years and years ago cause they were far and few between.  One picture that I can’t find that I just loved was a skinny picture of me after I had my son and finally lost all the weight was of me in my Jordache designer  jeans with a plaid shirt and a white vest.  I had gotten that outfit as a birthday present and I wore it all the time….so sad that I can’t find that picture.

1st picture is of me and my sisters at my son’s wedding in 1998.  I had to buy a size 18 and could barely stuff my boobs in the shirt.  We had a ball that night, but I always wanted to look as comfortable dressed up as my sisters always do.  Here I am even taller than them and still bigger.

Plus I was tnot only the biggest but also the tallest so I had to stand down the curb.

Ta Da same outfit different year.  Went from an 18 to a 10!  Love it!


My black and white outfits that I have many, but feel so much better in the new me.

Lela and me at the fair.  God I was huge.

 Grandma and Lela.  She’s almost 8 yrs old and I turned 55 in August.  This year it feels great cause I feel great!

This picture is from my 50th birthday.  I was out gardening and my family surprised me with a party, food and all.  My son, Chris, got me my first cell phone that year.  You can tell I just wanted to skip that birthday all together.

This picture is right after my 55th birthday!  Made Chris take a picture early in the morning when I dropped off the kids.  Yes, that is my new car!

This my friends is the new and improved ME!  I can’t believe I have beat my last addiction in life and that is overeating and not being healthy.  I will continue my journey to reach my goal of 140lbs  at 5’4″ tall.  This will make me a lifetime member with Weight Watchers.  I’ve learned so much regarding maintaining this weight and I hope this means I will have a happy and heathy life as I age.

When I look in the mirror and catch my reflection I still giggle cause it is not only my weight loss, but also all that hair.  Anyone that knows me hasn’t seen my hair that long in 30 years, so as I struggle to come up with a hair style I will continue to grow it long till I figure out what I am going to do with it.  An idea will come soon!

So I must say turning 55 this year was so easy for me.   I am enjoying life!

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